Classic 1 & 2™

Classic 1 & 2™ retractable banner stands provide the ultimate in convenience and style. They are lightweight and set-up in seconds. The graphic comes pre-installed so the display is immediately ready to go.
  • Quick & Easy Set-up
  • Quality Workmanship
  • Replaceable Graphic
Hassle Free Guarantee

Included Components

(A) Durable Nylon Carrying Bag (B) Base Unit** (C) Rewind Tool (D) Reusable Snap-lock Profile (E) Adjustable Graphic Pole   
** Available in Silver or Black

Sizes (click thumbnails for a larger view)


(A) Hard Case† (B) Light Package Nylon Bag, 50W bulb, and Light Fixture  †Fits 33″ and 39″ Classic 1 with or without light or 33″ and 39″ Classic 2 without light.

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